Patterns in the Sky

“Your faith is worth more than gold”
                                                         §1, Peter 1:7

The Ground Underneath

Located along a busy steet in the middle of a modern city lies the last resting place of some of its oldest habitants. Many of them have sucumbed to the catastrophe of the wars and the plagues of infectious deseases. Underneath, the catacombs themselves host some of the most prolific figures of the past political and economical life of the city.
Those brave enougth to find their way in are rewarded with the magnificent view of one of the last hidraulic burial lifts, standing essentially intact on the center of the crypt, surrounded by mold and guarded by coffins locked behind metal gates of gothic design.

On the Shadows of Polidori


In May 2001, Robert Polidori photographed what was left behind in this dead zone. His richly detailed images lead us from the burned-out control room of Reactor 4, where technicians staged the experiment that caused the disaster. Fifteen years later I had the chance to gain access to the control room of the infamous Chernobyl Powerplant, which I photographed and processed using a low key HDR treatment.

Colourful Nights

HDR,Berlin,regierungsviertel,government, light,show,a7r,sony
Berlin has been recently the stage for an amazing light show, where the facades of the governmental buildings at the shores of the river Spree serve as a canvas to display in half an hour a short summary of 200 years of german history. The buildings are illuminate with exclusive warm lights which gives a pleasant contrast with the cool blue hour tones. The show can be seen until October 2015.
High dynamic image using three brackets and processed with photomatix.

It's a Question of Perspective

Still a photo from my latest trip, this one also taken inside a skyscraper where the elevators, located on the outer walls, can be seen. In this opportunity i chose to use a lens that has been somewhat neglected in the last times, in detriment of my tilt-shift lenses, and that is the 14mm. As expected, it did it's job marvellously, rendering the inside view of the building in all its splendour.
Three brackets HDR image tone mapped in photomatix and finished in photoshop.

A Look To The Stars

architecture, 14mm, sony, a7r, japan, hdr
This building featured certainly quite an interesting interior architecture, the eliptical shapes circling around to the summit, where an installation of planet like dishes orbits the ceiling. Enough to serve as an excuse to take out the camera from the bag and attempt to capture some brackets for later processing. And the result can be seen above. Processed in photomatix and finished in the new version of Photoshop CC 2015.