Nord LB Headquarters

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The corporate headquarters of the Norddeutsche Landesbank (Nord LB) in Hannover designed by architects Günter Behnisch and partners from Stuttgart.

The building of 18 stories occupies an area of 14100 square meters and has about 351000 square meters of usable office space. Its architecture looks extremely spectacular and contemporary, completely out of the mainstream. It was built between 1998 and 2002.

Ecologic aspects were taken into account during its construction. The use of a steel and glass facade gives the building its transparent character and helps to reduce its massive aspect.

Essentially consisting of glass and steel boxes stacked on top of each other, the building was designed to house the company's 1,500 Hanover staff in a comfortable and eco-friendly environment, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and optimising the use of natural daylight. Highlights include a staff restaurant with a roof in the shape of butterfly wings and a 20m tower made from material that changes colour according to the position of the sun. The architect's goal was in their own words to create a transition zone between the 19th century residential area to the south and the historical area directly to the north.

The photos in this album were also taken and processed using a "realistic" hdr technique. If you are interested in the details of my hdr workflow, just drop me a line!