Wall of Pride

I had to stop for some moments to appreciate the craft of the red army’s workmen that decorated this long corridor with such epic paintings.
After the exhaustion of the initial awe, i took the time to setup my gear and opted to make an her image of the scene. A brief check of the histograms showed that three brackets would be enough to cover the dynamic range. Although in this situation a panorama could have been a better choice to portrait the size of the room and wall paintings, the scheduled required a faster approach, so the trusted canon 14mm f2.8L II had to do the job this time once again.

Impressive decorations and wall frescos such as these are typical inside barracks used by the soviet forces during their presence in former east Germany, both as a propaganda means and to motivate the soldiers stationed there.
The wall painting on the right probably celebrates the inauguration of the Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam, located in the Yenisei river, which would provide nearby cities such as Sayanogorsk, Khakassia and industries with clean, electrical energy.
After the accident of August 2009 the plant has been closed and is slowly returning back into operations.