Lately I haven’t been uploading many photos of interior modern architecture, so I’ll try to fix that in the next posts. The image above was taken recently inside a tower shaped building in Germany. Although it was build in the 90s, the design and space gestalt seem to have been strongly influenced by Wayne McAllister school of thought or even Kubrik's 2001: A Space Odyssey film set designs, in a pale attempt to breath some fresh air in the retro architectural Googie style.
The photo itself was taken at night as a set of three brackets, tonemapped in photomatix and finished in photoshop.

Cleanliness and the aseptic whites are some of the characteristics of these building. Googie style signs usually also boast sharp and bold angles, which suggest the aerodynamic features of a rocket ship. When introduced, this unique architecture style was a form of architectural expressionism, as rockets were technological novelties at the time. One famous example of Googie's legacy is the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. Other contemporary tower design philosophies were often less ornate, ranging from straight-edged steel lattice structures like the Osaka Tower and Beppu Tower in Japan, to the mixed heritage of European concrete towers like the very-visible Fernsehturm in Berlin or the Fernmeldeturm Kühkopf.