Night Waves


I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar on cinematography theory, given by no one other than Bruce Block himself! Among the topics covered in the event by this great cinematographer and communicator, a vast majority could be reduced to what is know as the “Principle of Contrast and Affinity.” 

If that principle can be transposed to static images and photographs, I guess this one would be a good example of it. Among other things, this theory states that deep space is inherently more intense than flat space, and producing deep space requires contrast such as large and small objects, light and dark tones, warm and cool colors, and textured and textureless surfaces.

Here I tried to juggle with these elements, where one can see the large bench in the foreground and the small electronic displays at the back, the light, textured tones of the concrete and the dark, textureless view of the night sky and railway tracks, the warm tones of the curves structures to the left/right contrasting with the cold concrete tones of the floor/ceiling.
I find the end result to be quite interesting. Hope you think the same too…