Behind Time


Despite its futuristic, almost science fiction look, this tower building was in fact built on the 14th century and houses on its top a clock mechanism which is still working today. The curious part is that most of the people visiting this city would gather outside, watching the clock move, without ever attempting to see what's behind it, forever oblivious of the architectural work it hides.

The original staircase still spiral upwards inside the tower and a modern elevator was built in the center of it. I could not avoid noticing its unorthodox colours and shape, and promptly decided to try to photograph it.
The intricate metal patterns around its glass core and the harsh blue light illumination gave it almost the looks of something out of a dystopian novel, something along the lines of Stephen King's famous work, befittingly titled “The Dark Tower.”

The final shot consisted of three brackets, taken with a canon 14mm lens, processed in photomatix and with final retouches applied in photoshop.