The Black Madonna

stair,staircase,lamp,bulb,HDR,architecture,cubism,prague,czech republic

While on a short trip over a cold autumn weekend in Eastern Europe, I came across a classical cubist building, home of the staircase that you can see above. Its cognomen of “the house of the black madonna,” prompted me to attempt for this particular image a low key processing, which is somehow an antithesis of my typical way of post-producing modern architectural work. However, in for this particular staircase, it seems that this style fits the subject quite well.

Regarding the building itself, like many of Josef Gočár’s houses, this one was built with a reinforced-concrete skeleton inspired by the Chicago School. Cubist interiors have proven a challenge to architects, but the use of a reinforced-concrete skeleton allowed for large interior spaces without ceiling support that were better suited to Cubist aesthetics. The entire first floor is quite impressive in that it contains no supporting pillars and was considered a revolutionary feat of engineering.