The Jewel Stairs

Followers of my photography are certainly aware of my druthers for modern staircases. These time I’m presenting here a somehow grittier exemplar of stair architecture. This one was a complex subject that I had the chance of photographing not so long time ago. It was challenging to capture all the light dynamics even, with a span of −4 to +4 HDR brackets. Another aspect that I wanted to preserve was the spatial dynamics embodied by the play of light and shadows entering the scene from the corners of the lower third and the diagonal metal elements like the stair’s steps and pipes. After carefully setting up, the shot was taken with three shifts of a slightly tilted 24mm lens. This stairs will certainly make a welcome contribution to my industrial photo project
These stairs also remind me of Li Po’s poem entitled “The Jewel Stairs’ Grievance” 
The jeweled steps are already quite
white with dew,
It is so late that the dew soaks my
gauze stockings,
And I let down the crystal curtain
And watch the moon through the
clear autumn.
Translation by Ezra Pound