The Next Chapter

Me and my good friend Jacque Gudé had the chance to access an old paper mill where we were presented with a profusion of vintage  machinery and other industrial paraphernalia.
I did a first run of the original brackets through my workflow, but the end result didn’t come out with the quality that I was expecting, something during the tone mapping process just didn’t quite workout well, and many details were lost.
The image that you can see here is therefore the result of my second attempt at this set of brackets. It is a slightly tilted HDR vertorama (a technique that I grew quite fond of lately), cropped to a 4x5 frame format and emphasizing the felt transport system of the dryer section of an older Fourdrinier-style paper-making machine. 
Many of these machines and production facilities have been decommissioned during the years, and the trend is likely to continue: 2011 was the first time in history when e-books sales surpassed printed books for the first time, an indication that paper-based media is slowly fading out to give place to new technologies.