The Ziggurat

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Memories of a great evening when I once had the honour to be sitting side by side of Sir Norman Foster in the front row of a cinema for the premiere of his documentary movie “How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Foster?” came to my mind as I stood in front of this building, which, judging by its shinny image of polished glass and steal, could have been one of Foster’s designs.

Foster was once faced with the seemingly innocuous but inceptive question in this movies’ title by American architect Buckminster Fuller, when they were both discussing the Sainsbury Centre in UAE. The answer to the question set Foster in a journey which would define and create the style for which he his known today, an icon of modern architecture.

My mind raced backwards as it traced how the concept of mass in architecture has morphed through times, ranging from the weightlessness of Calatrava’s anthropomorphic modern structures to the massive egyptian pyramids, as I paradoxically stood at the base of this Ziggurat of the present times, trying to catch a glimpse of the shrine under the clouds.