The French Defense

paris,france,la defense,blue hour,business,long exposure,architecture
While on a recent trip to Paris, I had the chance to come across a nice vantage point to take a photo of some properties in “La Défense,” an icon of the french economic driving power. The office buildings in this sector are numerous and the number persons who work there during the day count around 20.000, the equivalent of a small village. In this case, they are even encircled by their own orbital motorway, part of which can be seen at the bottom of the photo.

Unfortunately the frenetic traffic in this motorway contrasts heavily with the economic slow down going on in France and throughout the Eurozone in general. To defend the economy of sliding further and propelling it back into motion, the government implemented several measures, one of them being the extension of “La Défense” with the construction of four further skyscrapers, to be concluded around 2015.

As for the workflow itself, it consisted of three brackets taken at dusk with a 24mm lens, combined in photomatix for HDR and final adjustments with photoshop.