The Chicago Loop

chicago, loop, downtown, night, HDR, long exposure, cityscape

From a vantage point which might not be accessible to a vast majority of the public, the skyscrapers in downtown Chicago present themselves as an island of concrete bordered by the flow of night light, a fertile ground which has stimulated the dystopian vision of some of the best contemporary pieces of science fiction, form Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City to Alex Proyas’s I, Robot.

A feat no strange to the fact that this metropolitan area holds two of the tallest skyscrapers in the United States. With issues such as population growth, efficient resources allocation and energy optimization in the order of the day, it might well be that Chicago is once again at the verge of a major urbanistic breakthrough.

Just how the city once impelled the imagination of engineers and architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, to create the first skyscrapers, it is possible that here lyes today the embryonic stem of the first true arcology building to come.

High dynamic range image of five brackets, tonemmaped in photomatix and finished in photoshop.