Creating Space

norman foster british museum

The Queen Elizabeth II Grand Court of the British museum with the iconic glass and steel roof designed by Sir Norman Foster offers quite a few photographic possibilities for anyone interested in modern architecture. It is also visited by almost 6 million persons per year, which makes any attempt to take a clean shot of the inside courtyard at any given day quite an endeavour, so I had to reach for a couple of tricks in order to obtain the photo that you can see above.

As for the Great Court itself, it was an off-limits area to the public for many years until its re-design by Foster and Partners reclaimed that hidden space again. Its design was loosely based on Foster’s concept for the roof of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany. A key aspect of the design was that with every step in the Great Court the vista changed and allowed the visitors a new perspective on their surroundings and a new unique photo in their memory cards.

HDR brackets processed with photomatix and finished in photoshop.