Empty Worlds

On a follow-up of one recent post regarding photographing crowded spaces — which you can read here — I show today another example, this time taken at a well known Parisian landmark, the well known “La Grande Arche de la Défense.” The Arche is in the approximate shape of a cube and it has been suggested that the structure looks like a hypercube projected onto the three-dimensional world. It is situated near a busy subway station, and this large square tends to be awash with people all day long, and in particular at the end of the day when this photo was taken. But it is shown here in its void simplicity for your enjoyment.  As you can probably tell by the square crop of this image, this one is a vertorama, taken by stitching two vertically shifted photos together. The HDR brackets were processed with photomatix and the final touches done in Photoshop.