Get out of my chair!

eastern state penitentiary, chair, HDR,light, abandoned

I recently had the chance to visit quite a unique historical place, the Eastern State Penitentiary, or Cherry Hill as it was known at the time of its construction.  It was the largest and most expensive public structure in the country, and its design, developed by the architect John Haviland, consists pavilions radiating in a full circle array from a center tower from where the prison could be kept under constant surveillance — it quickly become a model for more than 300 prisons worldwide. 

Each cell was lit only by a single lighting source from either skylights or windows, which was considered the “Window of God” or “Eye of God” — this was also the main source of illumination for the picture above which shows the chair of the prison’s barber shop.

Notorious criminals such as bank robber Willie Sutton and Al Capone were held inside its innovative wagon wheel design. Today the facilities are kept in a state of “preserved ruin,” and it is periodically used as a location for music and films, including the well known “The Twelve Monkeys” — the scene of the mental institution where Cole first meets Jeffrey Goines was filmed in one of its many corridors, and Goines’ line “Get out of my chair!” might very well have been inspired by this chair.

In terms of processing, this one was a 9 brackets HDR, taken at 1 f-stop apart. Processed and finished with photoshop.