Manhattan Skyline

HDR,new york,manhattan,chrysler
Ironically, finding access to a rooftop in New York can be quite challenging. But this privileged rooftop in the East side of Manhattan, with a direct line of sight to the iconic Chrysler Building in New York, presented itself as the ideal location for this shot, where the dominant position of the Chrysler building can be compared to the remaining buildings which form the city’s skyline. 

Considered by many contemporary architects as a classic example of Art Deco architecture and to be one of the finest buildings in New York City, the Chrysler Building architecture can be better summarised in the words of Elliot Willensky and Norval White:
“One of the first uses of stainless steel over a large exposed building surface. The decorative treatment of the masonry walls below changes with every set-back and includes story-high basket-weave designs, radiator-cap gargoyles, and a band of abstract automobiles. The lobby is a modernistic composition of African marble and chrome steel.”Elliot Willensky and Norval White
In terms of processing: high dynamic range image consisting of 5 brackets processed with photomatix and finished in photoshop.