Berlin Jazz Nights

fuji, x100s, HDR, berlin,sunset

While I wait for Leica to produce a digital rangefinder body which will match the quality of their lenses, I’ve been happily using the Fuji X100s in the last days for most of my photography, and the particularly good weather yesterday motivated me to photograph the sunset. The photo itself was taken in the direction of the iconic Fernsehturm of Berlin, using the Fuji X100s. The camera was setup such that I could take seven brackets, which were then combined with photomatix and photoshop in order to obtain this final result. 
For those wondering wether the 16Mp of this camera are “enough,” I offer here a 100% crop of the tall skyscraper that you can see to the right of the Fernsehturm. The jpeg was obtained immediately after the RAW conversion of one of the brackets, no further post-processing was applied. Please note that that building is exactly 2 Kilometres away, line of sight distance, from the point were the camera was positioned. Weather the amount of detail resolved by the lens/sensor system is enough, is up to you to judge.