Rainbow Skies

HDR,architecture,sony,a7r,tilt shift,canon
I’m sharing today one of the first results taken with the Sony a7r, fitted with a Canon tilt-shift lens via a metabones smart adapter mark III. The system works very well and produces top notch quality images. The only downside which I noticed so far, and which might be related to this tilt-shift lens in particular, is a slight vignetting in the corners when used at maximum shift.
As for the subject itself, this time I show a building which caught my attention due to its minimalist shapes and painting — very straight rainbow-like stripes which emphasis the cubist-inspired design of the entire building. I decided to capitalise on that minimalism, by setting the perspective such that the building’s facade looks almost two-dimensional. By losing almost all the perspective clues — only some diagonal lines are present — together with the flat light of an overcast sky the effect could be well achieved.
The image itself consists of only three brackets, post-processed with photoshop.