The Fallen Curtain

It has been a while since I had the chance to use my fisheye lens, mostly due to the lack of a suitable subject to take advantage of its distortion. I was then a stroke of fate that I had just packed my fisheye on the same day that I came across this old theatre. 
I had been used for the last time many years ago as part of a cultural house, which being set on the heart of Germany’s DDR, surely played a role in its darkest days to diffuse the regime’s propaganda.
Attempts to reconvert it after the reunification failed and the curtain that fell long ago stills lurks in the dark for an opportunity to raise again.
In terms of processing, I followed my usual workflow, except that this time there was only a single set of nine brackets, without any shift. The tone mapping was done in photomatix and the result finalised with photoshop.