Because I Want To Fit In

HDR,frank,gehry, dancing,house,sony,a7r
This famous quote from Mary Harron's cinematic adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' homonymous novel “American Psycho” seem quite appropriate to describe the architect's conceptual design in the genesis of this building. A cold modern contrast to its classic surroundings, the building seems to strive for a place among its peers in this busy street of the city.
The photography in HDR style was planned to pop this aspect out: squeezed left and right by the other edifices as well as top (back) and bottom (front) by the blue colour representing the norm.
The editing of the brackets was oriented to bring out the blue hues of the traffic lights and balancing its luminance with the rest of the elements in the picture.
High dynamic range created in photomatix and finishing retouches in photoshop.